fourplay / hex / element hanger.

This Project was born when the original part was out of stock at tartybikes.

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Fourplay / HEX / ELEMENT Hanger

be aware that this is just a flimsy 3d Printed part and can't really be compared to the real deal made out of Aluminum.

  • released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v3.
    A copy of the license is available in LICENSE.txt

I have no clue which type of Aluminum alloy is used for hangers, but you'll get an general idea what performance you can expect from a printed version here:

The printed part will probably break as soon as you land on the chain tensioner.
As soon as i have more experience with it i will update this readme.


This is the pre rendered version for your 3d printer. This updated version has not been tested yet.
you will need 3 washers

  • 1 x 20x1.8
  • 2 x 16x1.5

If you want me to print you a copy feel free to drop me a mail on inspired_hanger at berezowski de


As close to the original as possible. Use this if you have a cnc mill and the right materials.


this is the parametrized source file
if you wish to modify the 'default' version, you can easily do it via this file
you'll need openscad to view your changes and export a mill/printable stl


If you are milling the part you probably dont want to mill the holes.
just comment the holes in the output section like this:

12 // output
13 difference() {
14   hanger_wedge_plate();
15   hub_grove();
16   // fixing_pin();
17   // tensioner_thread();
18 }

the washers can be modified via those variables:


if you improved this file somehow please send me a pull request to inspired_hanger at berezowski de Thanks !!